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About Wild Body Luminary


Being wild is the foundation this community stands on. Having evolved from primates, we all have primal instincts within us. I love to get curious around our wild sides. It is the part of us that feels natural and FREE. Our wild sides want to connect deeply with ourselves, others, and the earth. Our wild sides want to explore. It is the part of us that gives way to our unique expressions. I invite you to embrace your wild nature. 


Our bodies are the incredible vessels that help us take in the world. They house our senses to help us make sense of what we are experiencing and have immense capacities to survive and thrive. They have so much wisdom to give us if we listen. I will help support you in understanding what it is your body is trying to tell you, calm your nervous system, and move towards wholeness. 


A luminary is “a body that gives light”. The journey you are about to be on requires an immense amount of forgiveness, patience, compassion, and confronting parts of yourself you have been avoiding. In order stop being at war with your mind and your body, you have to look within. Being a luminary is trusting in the process of the journey, understanding it is no longer about the destination or the outcome but meeting the treasure of your truest self. My dedication and passion lies in guiding those who are ready to become their own luminaries. 

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