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Thank you for stopping in to learn more about me. Creating this community has come from several multidimensional experiences and influences I’ve had throughout my life.


I am incredibly passionate and in constant awe about the connection we each have with our bodies. Throughout my life I have connected with my body through sports and various forms of physical movement. I grew up playing AAU basketball, running cross country, and rowing in college at a D1 school.


With this space came inevitable competition, criticism, and comparison. When it came to basketball, there was a lot of pressure and expectation placed on me. Naturally, my defenses went up and I resisted. I feared not living up to that expectation. I lost the joy or desire to progress, attaching to my emotion and creating tender parts to my being. Internally, I didn’t feel enough or that I failed. In that state of mind, I turned to food addictions to help me cope, having difficulty understanding what I was experiencing. The relationship I had both to food and my body became 20 plus years of frustration and pain.


I didn’t let that stop me from continuing to connect with my body. I still loved being active and found my way to physical activities where the pressure was off through running and rowing. I chose to do them for fun. In my mind, it was only me against me and I approached these activities with a sense of curiosity. When I had that freedom, I succeeded far beyond what I even knew I was capable of, gaining accolades in those arenas. It was interesting for me to observe this. The times that I didn’t feel enough, I felt at war with myself, depleted, and depressed but those other areas became fertile grounds of expansion.


The critical voices I acquired as a young girl lingered until I hit a level of rock-bottom in my mid-30's. I made all sorts of judgements around my life and my body shut down. I just wanted to be at a point where I wasn’t so obsessive, having intrusive thoughts about my being and my body not being good enough, and more than anything I wanted to stop feeling in survival mode. Having all of these experiences and gaining awareness around them has brought me to find more grace, respect and acceptance towards myself and my body.

Through my career as a nurse, I have had the privilege to witness how other people experience sensations in their own bodies, observing how the rawness of human emotions can play into what they may experience physically. I have had the opportunity to be exposed to hundreds of other peoples' capacities, resiliencies, and connections they have with their own bodies and health. I have seen a lot of suffering and I want people to know that though we can’t control everything, we have far more power than we realize. 

It is my privilege and joy to help others feel empowered to be the creator of their lives through expanding their mental, physical, and spiritual selves. 


Certified Jungian Life Coach, CreativeMind University

RYT200, Yia Yoga

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Drexel University


Being wild is the foundation this community stands on. Having evolved from primates, we all have primal instincts within us. I love to get curious around our wild sides. It is the part of us that feels natural and FREE. Our wild sides want to connect deeply with ourselves, others, and the earth. Our wild sides want to explore. It is the part of us that gives way to our unique expressions. I invite you to embrace your wild nature. 


Our bodies are the incredible vessels that help us take in the world. They house our senses to help us make sense of what we are experiencing and have immense capacities to survive and thrive. They have so much wisdom to give us if we listen. I will help support you in understanding what it is your body is trying to tell you, calm your nervous system, and move towards wholeness. 


A luminary is “a body that gives light”. The journey you are about to be on requires an immense amount of forgiveness, patience, compassion, and confronting parts of yourself you have been avoiding. In order stop being at war with your mind and your body, you have to look within. Being a luminary is trusting in the process of the journey, understanding it is no longer about the destination or the outcome but meeting the treasure of your truest self. My dedication and passion lies in guiding those who are ready to become their own luminaries. 

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I look forward to connecting! 

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