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My Approach 

The fast-paced modern world often leaves us feeling depleted and in psychological distress. Many of us are living with anxieties and in a constant state of survival (fight, flight, or freeze) mode. Many of us detach from our bodies, turn to numbing outlets, push away parts of ourselves, and make stories along the way. Meanwhile, the messages and emotions stay stuck inside, causing us to fall in to certain unhealthy behaviors, relational patterns, and/or causing dis-eases in our body.

We will be on a journey of exploring your unconscious mind - observing your own unique thoughts and patterns to bring awareness around why you respond in certain ways and how these responses shape your life. Along this journey, we will use a variety of practices to work with your mind and body including shadow work, meditation, visualization, dream interpretation, journaling and body movement.


Jungian Theory

Carl Jung is a Swiss psychologist from the early 20th century. He developed theory around unifying the conscious and unconscious mind, believing that our unconscious mind can be a source of guidance in the development of our psychological growth. His theory supports a holistic approach to self, integrating all aspects of our being and discovering what he calls finding our “true” self. 

Eastern Philosophy


Spiritual thoughts and practices derived from Eastern countries. Many of the understandings presented throughout my studies are based upon the Vedas, and more specifically the Upanishads (part of the Vedas). The Upanishads are ancient texts from India that have philosophical and spiritual treaties. 

Social Neuroscience

An interdisciplinary field that examines how the brain mediates social processes and behavior. It looks to understand the relationship between our social experiences and biological systems.


Is Coaching Right For You?

Coaching is a wonderful outlet for those seeking personal growth - clients who have a desire to expand themselves in work, relationships, career changes, confidence building, etc. and/or those seeking spiritual evolution – clients who are looking for higher knowledge with their spirituality and self-actualization. I focus on forward motions to get you towards your goal.


I do not diagnose or treat. If you are experiencing mental health symptoms that are causing disturbances in your life or you are unable to function in your day to day life I encourage you to seek therapy. 

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