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I help women RECLAIM their health and their bodies...   

Live your most WILD, INTIMATE, and CONFIDENT life.  

My mission is to help you be at home in your body, navigate your thoughts and your body's needs for long term sustainability, experience self-love, trust, and expression, create deeper relationships, and explore new parts of yourself.

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What is Jungian Coaching?

Through collaborative efforts, we will dive into your unconscious mind and reveal how these drive the decisions that create the patterns in your life. As you develop awareness around your thoughts, the availability of choice emerges. In this space you can begin to tap into your creativity to overcome your barriers to change and move towards your deepest desires. 

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious. The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely."

Carl Jung


Hey, I'm 


I'll be your coach and guide as you embark on your journey towards making the unconscious conscious. 


Growing up as a competitive female athlete, including a former D1 rower, I have dealt with my own struggles to food, weight, and my body image and can relate to where you are. I am here to help you gain insight on how your inner thoughts create your outer experiences and to help you connect with your mind and body on a much deeper level. My intention for you is to feel at total ease in your skin, reclaim your body, and feel your confidence shine through.

I am a certified Jungian life coach, RYT 200 yoga instructor, registered nurse, learner and lover of this life.

My Approach

White Walls


During our coaching sessions, we will use emotional triggers to do shadow work. Your shadows are the parts of yourself you have had to hide, push away, or repress. With shadow work, I will help you uncover those parts and invite them in. You will learn to integrate your shadow and reprogram your mind to allow for self-acceptance, increased confidence, creativity, improved relationships, and new possibilities. 



Approaching our bodies with a sense of reverence, I look to it as an instrument to tap into our deeper selves. Our bodies relay messages to us all the time. I invite you to understand what it is telling you. We will incorporate visualization of body sensations, use the function of your breath during meditative states and use physical movement to observe your mind, transform emotion, gain clarity, and relate to your body on an intimate level.

Spiral Stairs


At the core of each of us is energy and the soul being the whole of that energy, the immaterial essence of who we are in totality - our most authentic selves. Our souls are the source of our higher knowledge and intuition. We tap into your soul through meditation, visualizations, dream interpretation and creative expression - using these as guides to meet and create your truest self.

Let's Work Together


Are you ready to deep dive in to your being and meet yourself at your very core?

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"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."

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I look forward to connecting! 

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